Our Approach

We use technology and our aircraft to provide a new way of looking at things. Drones, modern cameras, sensors and technology all enable the combination of real life with digital. In this way, our tools allow our clients and their clients to experience real life through devices, over the internet, at a distance, or to see things that could be.

Our Story

Our business started with two decades working in technology combined with a recreational interest in radio controlled flying. As commercial quad copters became more advanced and affordable, we grew a fleet of innovative craft. With recent changes in technology, we now have a small fleet of aircraft, image processing software and hardware and engineers experienced in rendering digital content for internet. Our pilots are now licensed through FAA for commercial UAS operation, and in combination with our unique technology and digital production capabilities, we can generate visual content in a way completely unique and distinct to anyone else.

Our name was created two decades ago, Airius Aircraft, to demonstrate how Netscape technology can facilitate communications within a globally distributed organization.

Meet the Team

This is the group that makes things happen.

Lauren Park

Client Relationship Management

Member, Managing Partner

Lauren is the nicest person to deal with, and is responsible for making sure all our clients are happy. She has been working with clients for a long time, making sure that she can translate tech speak to human. Personally, she loves animals and always has fuzzy creatures around.

Ernest M. Park

UAS Pilot, Chief Technical Officer

Member, Managing Partner

Ernie is our pilot and technical lead. He has been in the technology business for two decades and has been flying radio controlled aircraft for even longer. He recently obtained his FAA Airman license for sUAS (part 117). A few years ago, he managed a NASCAR racing team for a client, and spent the next few years racing.

Next Steps...

Send us an email or text message. Let's discuss what you are looking for and how we can help you achieve your goals.