NT3 for Cobalt and Solaris – Black box NT Domain Server replacement solution. Allows integration with existing servers running NT, Linux, Solaris, NIS, Samba and NT Networking.
Airius welcomes the opportunity to share our knowledge with you. Our professionals have presented to audiences large and small on topics ranging from paradigm changing technologies of the future to making web servers more reliable. We want to deliver highly technical information in a way that it offers a value to business leaders who need to make decisions based on good information.

Ernest Park, President of Airius and an accomplished speaker, has conducted numerous solution and product seminars over the last four years.

The Art of NAS
“The Art of NAS” was delivered to over 1000 employees of partners, clients and our own professional services in a six month period to stimulate application server development. Netscape Pro Serve, National Discount Brokers, Citibank, iXL, and GE were among the clients that participate.

“Sizing.org” followed “The Art of NAS”. The basic formula has been downloaded over 80,000 times in the last two years and is the core of the Sun iAS Sizing tool. Mr.Park personally delivered the presentation and related consulting to AOL/TW, iPlanet and SUN PS and over 100 clients, representing thousands of developers, clients, managers, and the CIO’s of GE and AIG, two of the world’s largest companies. “The Application Server Sizing Guidelines” looked at e-commerce and infrastructure development from a transaction cost level. This helped clients to understand thresholds, costs per click, and design issues that could enhance or inhibit performance.

Big adopters to “Sizing.org” were iPlanet Pro Serve, National Discount Brokers, Etrade, AOL/TW, various GE business divisions, Future Tense/Open Market and BellSouth.

Sizing 2.1
“Sizing 2.1” looks at architecture, design, prototyping, time to market, cost per transaction, real return on investment and buy versus build. Mr. Park breaks down Tactical (the server is on fire) and Strategic (let’s keep the server cool so that it does not catch fire) objectives and show clients how to define budgets and priorities to each. The end of this should have a client working through an architectural prototype while having a SWAT team onsite sorting out Tactical issues. Sun Pro Serve, NCS Pearson, Medscape (WebMD), AOL/TW, GE Lighting, Sony, and CT Bar Association have benefited from this strategy.

Defining Solutions
How to act immediately to solve problems and set goals in an enterprise. Many corporations can benefit from assistance to separate tactical and strategic issues within their networks, intranet, and ecommerce and VPN infrastructure. Airius helps a client prioritize needs and wants, and helps a client to budget for things that need to get done.

Airius Solution Session
A three-day engagement allowing a client intensive interaction with a team of Airius Solutions Managers and Architects. At the end of the three days, the client receives a report defining clearly tactical and strategic issues, levels of priority, emergency issues, and budgets defined or requested for all.

The goal of a Solution Session is to align business objectives with technology. The target audience for Airius engagements is primarily business and technical management, very senior level, who are looking for a business level education about a very large part of their financial expenditure. We discuss objectives, costs and how to start. The discussion is less about the parts (application server, portal server, directory server, etc) and more about the solutions. We offer competency in internet based systems as well as the Sun brand and solutions built around Sun and Sun ONE. They leave with a new understanding of the value of technology along with tools and guidelines from us. In short, we will leave them ready to solve problems and fund goals.

This presentation is an example of how SunONE can help a small organization that has networking responsibilities of a very large one. The CT Bar Association serves over 11,000 members through publications and the internet. Their primary product is information which is delivered on subscription basis, and as the result of user initiated requests. The enclosed presentation was created as a result of an extended technology review.
The presentation does not constitute an endorsement by CT BAR Association or its members.

SunONE in Action
A solution for the CT BAR

Airius Internet Solutions is recognized as a leading provider of tactical and strategic management consulting focusing on Sun and SunONE, infrastructure and development issues and project planning and long term management. Airius primarily works with Sun Microsystems and their partners (iForce, SunONE, Cobalt) to maximize client return on short and long term hardware, software and services investments. Airius Internet Solutions is a Sun (iForce) ISV and Integrator Partner, SunONE Enterprise Partners and Cobalt Developer Partners.

Sun™ Open Net Environment
The Sun™ Open Net Environment (SunONE) is Sun's standards-based software vision, architecture, platform, and expertise for building and deploying Services on Demand.

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