What is NT3?
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Synergism, from the Greek synergos, is the “interaction of discrete agencies or conditions such that the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects” Merriam-Webster’s Online
Airius Internet Solutions uses a successful, time-tested methodology to help clients make the technology decisions that are appropriate for its current environment and for future expectations. Airius has methodologies to define immediate, urgent tactical issues that must be dealt with expeditiously, and those that need to be on longer-term plans for budgeting and completion.
The cooperative interaction of two ideas, objects, or organisms has relevance in many fields. Within an enterprise, cooperation between parts of a corporation results in an enhanced combined effect.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Airius uses technologies, ideas, products and services to create new solutions.
NT3 for Solaris
NT3 for Cobalt
SunONE made Simple framework
Defining Solutions toolkit
Sizing.org –Sizing guide for transactional internet architecture
The knowledge, products, services and solutions that Airius makes available to you gives you the benefit of 1+1 =3

Airius focuses on giving you the benefit of years of industry knowledge, specialization, experience, project planning and direction, task delegation and goal management ahead of time and under budget

This is synergism. This is Airius.

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