Check your GPLv3 link

We’re noticing quite a number of sites using the GPL license that have not updated their license information since the GPLv3 release. As a result, users may be unsure of which license version the site intends to use. Here’s the situation – many sites have a license FAQ or similar section in which they say “we use the GPL” or maybe the LGPL, and link to the FSF site. The FSF link now takes them to a license page which has been updated from GPLv2 to GPLv3. If the license FAQ page doesn’t specify a version, and we are noticing many don’t, the implication is that the project is now GPLv3. This may be what the project intended, but if not, it would be wise to include a GPL version number on the FAQ site, and update the link.

If you make this type of change, please let us know and we’ll update our site with your info.

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