GPL Project Watch List for the Week of 10/26/07

The GPL v3 Watch List is intended to give you a snapshot of the GPLv3/LGPLv3 adoption for October 20th through October 26th, 2007.

X-mas in October

Even though the holiday for this month is Halloween, it feels like Christmas, at least for the GPL v3. As of October 26th, 7:30pm PST our database contains 1000 GPL v3 projects, as compared to last weeks figure of 898 GPL v3 projects. We made a major push to hit the long awaited milestone of 1k GPL v3 projects before the months end, adding 102 GPL v3 projects to our database. This milestone is a strong statement that the GPL v3 is becoming an influential license in the open source world. With more projects and developers adopting the license by the day, we do not expect adoption to slow down anytime soon. We will continue to track the adoption of the GPL v3 with much thanks to all of the developers who help us keep our numbers accurate and up to date. Again we cannot express our gratitude to the community for helping us along in this tracking project.

New project conversions this week include:

Snippits: This is Ruby program that will type text for you. It uses ‘snippits’, small text files with a simple syntax to determine what to type.
Anchor: a genealogical data parser (GEDCOM and genxml). Can convert, search, and view large files that cause many other programs to crash.
geoip: looks up a GeoIP database from to provide geographical data for an IP address or hostname. The free GeoIP database only contains country data, but the subscription-based GeoIPCity database is also supported.
listen2fritz: provides real-time notification of incoming calls on an AVM FRITZ!Box Fon. The notifications are sent by way of a Dream-Multimedia-TV Dreambox or an instant messenger program.
Site Map Generator: a platform-independent site map generator. It crawls a Web site starting from a given URL, and outputs an XML sitemap file that you can use for Google or other search engines.

In the News
Medsphere now says open source will make it dominant
“We’re the only open source provider in health care IT.” As a result Medsphere Systems Corp. of Aliso Viejo believes it will one day be the biggest.

Notable Mention

Palamida actively takes submissions from visitors on updates on new GPL v3/LGPL 3 projects. We are amazed at the number of submissions we have gotten to date, but even more so, we are incredibly grateful to over 100 core contributors who have devoted their time and resources at helping us provide up-to-date information.

The 1K Milestone

I wish to extend gratitude to all of our the supporters of our site that have helped shape and mold what we deliver. While we neither advocate for or against the use of the GPLv3 license and its variants, our goal from the first day has been to provide a reliable source for unambiguous information regarding the evolving support of this license.

As we cross this significant threshold in the current history of the GPLv3 license, we can stop the speculation regarding whether developers will adopt this license, and instead, speculate on how soon and how fast the rest will switch over.

Ernest Park

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