GPL Project Watch List for Week of 05/02


The GPL v3 Watch List is intended to give you a snapshot of the GPLv3/LGPLv3 adoption for April 26th through May 2nd, 2008.


The Siege of Cuautla, this day in 1812.

New project conversions this week include:

  • OdinMS: OdinMS attemps to replicate the functionality of a Maple Story game server. It’s fully cross platform due to its Java nature.
  • Catalyst Blackberry Plugin: Blackberry plugin allows synchronize Contacts and Calendar with Funambol server. This program is based on Funambol Blackberry Plugin Community Edition v. 3.0.8.
  • SpringSource Application Platform: SpringSource Application Platform is a completely module-based Java application server that is designed to run enterprise Java applications and Spring-powered applications with a new degree of flexibility and reliability.

Sourceforge Affero GNU Public License Listing
With the recent conflict with Google not hosting Affero GNU Public License version 3, people have been looking for other places to host their AGPL3 projects. One repository that does allow for this license is probably the first one most programmers would check, I would like to clear up an issue that has not yet become a big problem, but may cause some confusion in the future. Sourceforge, in the past, has not supported the previous versions of the AGPL. The “Affero GNU Public License” was recently added to support the variant of the GPL v3, so it would not be correct to place AGPL v1 licenses in this category. More solid evidence for this is that the AGPL v1 is not a GNU license. Only the GPL v3 variant of the AGPL is a GNU license, therefore the “Affero GNU Public License” listing on should only be used for projects under the AGPL v3. This may cause confusion because their is no version attached to the category, but the “GNU” part of the license indicates that it should be used for the AGPL v3.

Notable Mention


Palamida actively takes submissions from visitors on updates on new GPL v3/LGPL 3/AGPL3 projects. We are amazed at the number of submissions we have gotten to date, but even more so, we are incredibly grateful to the almost 100 core contributors who have devoted their time and resources at helping us provide up-to-date information.

The Research Group (

  • Ernest Park
  • Antony Tran
  • Kevin Howard


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