GPL Project Watch List for Week of 11/16

The GPL v3 Watch List is intended to give you a snapshot of the GPLv3/LGPLv3 adoption for November 10th through November 16th, 2007.

November – Happy Early Thanksgiving
Since many people will be off next week, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving early. But onto non-food related issues, as of November 16th 4pm PST, our list has grown to 1151 GPL v3 projects, which is a growth of 56 new GPL v3 projects from last week. Our LGPL v3 count has increased by 1 project, bringing the current count to 95 LGPL v3 projects. The GPL v2 or later list has also passed a large milestone of 6000 GPL v2 or later projects. Over the last week, 76 new GPL v2 or later projects have been added, bringing the count to 6034 GPL v2 or later projects.

We would also like to ask for more community support in maintaining the accuracy of our database. As our database becomes larger, community support would be highly appreciated in updating our entries. We are asking that developers help us verify their project’s information, such as a simple “thumbs ups” on our current information. We also would like to thank those who have already done so and have contributed to our database, especially to contributors like Davide Prina who has made 44 entries alone.

New project conversions this week include:


  • Editeur D&amp: (Dungeon & Dragon editor) is a free software made to help Game Masters of Dungeon & Dragon, to create, edit and play their campaigns. This software isn’t a game, it’s a tool to help you playing.
  • U2B Downloader: a GUI software to download videos from in flash video format (flv) and optionally convert them to mpeg. It’s fast and simple to use.
  • GPB Backup Solution: a powerful backup solution that uses Bash Shell Scripting, rsync and SSH to create incremental backups of your data. GPB is intended for system administrators that need a powerful, open source, reliable backup solution.

In the News
Microsoft’s Bill Hilf Reveals Its Open Source Strategy
The man in charge of Microsoft’s strategy for living in harmony with Linux lays out
the company’s opportunities with open source and the open source business model.

Notable Mention
Palamida actively takes submissions from visitors on updates on new GPL v3/LGPL 3 projects. We are amazed at the number of submissions we have gotten to date, but even more so, we are incredibly grateful to over 100 core contributors who have devoted their time and resources at helping us provide up-to-date information.

Thanks to everyone,

Ernest Park

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