HanesBrands Ransomware attack

Written by David Y 

August 29, 2022

HanesBrands was unable to fulfill orders for approximately 3 weeks in Q2 of this year due to a ransomware attack. The losses to them are estimated to be 100 million dollars. A hacker group that goes by the name Dark Overload’ carried out the attack which has a history of ransomware attacks against multiple organizations. They encrypted data of Hanesbrand and then demanded a ransom for the company to be able to decrypt such data. It is unknown if the ransom was paid by the company. In addition to direct costs this also caused reputational damage. The best defense against ransomware is to prevent an attack from occurring by strong policies, web and mail filtering, high detection rate endpoint security software, vulnerability remediation, reputational cleanup, dark web monitoring, and staff security awareness.

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