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Free Risk Maturity Evaluation

Our proprietary algorithm allows us to conduct a free, high level interactive risk maturity evaluation for your organization. We also offer a detailed risk maturity evaluation that we provide a private link to. For our detailed risk maturity evaluation you will receive a letter grade for 15 practical categories related to information security and risk management, taking into account the latest emerging technologies and threats as of 2023.

Our Process:

Step 1) Your organization fills out the basic 12 question risk maturity questionnaire below for some of the most common high level potential gaps. 
Step 2) Airius reviews the submission and sets up a meeting to determine the best next steps.
Step 3) If advised by Airius your organization fills out a detailed question risk questionnaire that incorporates applicable aspects of the HIPAA SRA, SIG Lite, and Airius internal algorithms to formulate a practical risk score broken down into 15 categories.  
Step 4) Airius formulates an action plan with your organization.

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