Risk Management Framework

We work with clients to develop and maintain customized policies on their behalf that keep up with the latest industry and organizational needs.

What is Included in Risk Management Framework


Chief Information Security Officer - executive to provide strategic and tactical guidance regarding risk management

Office of the CISO

Team that manages risk framework, tools and technologies, and responds to incidents.


Creating a unified strategy for managed detection and response including using Artificial Intelligence and automation where possible.

Human Resources and Training

Guidance regarding the selection of global staff management solutions and  integrated knowledge delivery tools.


Planning and implementation assistance with the engagement of technology support resources that work within existing onboarding, offboarding and operational policies and practices

Incident response

Practice, plans and response to security events.


Regulatory, jurisdictional and contractual risk management requirements. 


Dashboard customized to tools, technologies, regions, showing active risks relative to policies.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Planning, testing and events to be prepared before anything happens.

# Penetration Testing and Social Engineering Testing

We perform penetration testing and vulnerability assessments as part of compliance requirements and also separately. This includes real world social engineering and phishing exercises.

# Virtual CISO

We provide the same level of involvement to an organization that would expect from an in person CISO. A virtual CISO works to protect the data and infrastructure of an organization. Specifically this includes risk management framework creation, security operations, IT architecture, vendor risk management, and overseeing governance of any process/policy involving cybersecurity or risk.


Airius can assist with managing an organization’s Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC), Enterprise RIsk Management (ERM) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).

We conduct automated scoring and prioritization of risk issues. This allows hands off automation of risk event resolution and assignment using our scoring and also is part of the SafeView GRC/ERM module.

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