Urgent Assistance or Data Breach

Airius has experienced cyber incident responders using the latest technologies and expertise to manage security incidents for organizations of all sizes. We partner with technology and cybersecurity industry leaders to quickly detect, respond, and remediate incidents. The scope of our services also extends to data theft prevention to ensure that companies can safeguard its sensitive data.

We take into account the corresponding compliance, audit, operational, and reputational impact to an organization. This includes data breach laws, GDPR, PCI, insurance requirements, etc. We partner with technology and cybersecurity industry leaders to quickly identify, respond, and remediate incidents. We evaluate threats using the MITRE ATTACK Framework. Airius also provides the Airius Privacy Defense service for identifying leaked data in the surface/deep web and the dark web.

What is a Data Breach?

A data breach occurs when sensitive, confidential, or protected information is stolen, leaked, or accessed without authorization. This type of incident can have significant consequences for organizations and individuals, including financial losses, damage to reputation, and loss of trust. Airius provides your business with ideal data breach solutions to avoid any data theft now and in the future.

Data Breach Solutions
At Airius, we understand the importance of having and implementing quick and effective data breach solutions. Our experienced cyber incident responders use the latest technologies and expertise to manage security incidents for organizations of all sizes. Our goal is to minimize the impact of a breach and help our clients regain control of their sensitive information.

Data Breach Solution Services

We offer a range of data breach solution services, including:
● Incident Response: Our team of experts will work with your organization to quickly detect, respond, and remediate any security incidents. This includes identifying the cause of the breach, determining the extent of the damage, and implementing measures to prevent future breaches.
● Forensics: We use advanced forensic techniques to gather evidence and determine the root cause of the breach. This information can be used to improve your organization's overall security posture and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.
● Remediation: Our team will work with you to implement remediation strategies and restore normal operations as quickly as possible. This may include patching vulnerabilities, restoring lost data, and updating security controls.
● Communication: Effective communication is key in the aftermath of a data breach. Our team will help you communicate with stakeholders, including customers, partners, and employees, to ensure that they understand the situation and take appropriate steps to protect themselves.

Partnering with Technology and Cybersecurity Industry Leaders
At Airius, we partner with technology and cybersecurity industry leaders to provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their security needs. Our partnerships give us access to the latest technologies, techniques, and best practices, allowing us to provide our clients with the highest level of service and expertise.

Five Steps Airius Takes in a Data Breach Solution Plan

1. Containment: Identifying the source of the breach and isolating it to prevent further damage.
2. Identification: Determining the extent of the breach and the types of data that have been compromised.
3. Assessment: Evaluating the potential impact of the breach on individuals and the organization.
4. Remediation: Implementing steps to secure systems and restore normal operations.
5. Recovery: Developing a plan to restore any lost data and regain the trust of affected individuals and stakeholders.

Airius Recommends Four Actions Companies Should Perform After a Data Breach?

After a data breach, we recommend companies should perform the following four actions:
1. Containment: Isolate the breach to prevent further damage and stop the spread of compromised information.
2. Notification: Inform affected individuals and stakeholders of the breach, including law enforcement and regulatory agencies, if necessary.
3. Investigation: Conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause and scope of the breach, as well as the type of information that has been compromised.
4. Remediation: Implement steps to secure systems and restore normal operations, including updating security measures and monitoring systems for future threats.


Dealing with a data breach can be overwhelming, but our team at Airius is here to provide the best data breach solution for your company. With our range of data breach services and partnerships with industry leaders, we can quickly detect, respond, and remediate any security incidents, minimizing the impact on your organization and restoring normal operations as soon as possible.

Need urgent assistance with a data breach or security incident? We can help!
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