Secure Software Development Lifecycle and Security Testing

SSDLC and Security Testing are closely related. Our security assessment services help organizations to establish secure coding best practices.

Airius can assist with managing an organization’s Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC). We conduct automated scoring and prioritization of risk issues. This allows hands off automation of risk event resolution and assignment using our scoring and also is part of the GRC/IRM module. We utilize modern industry best of breed tools and certified security professionals to perform the following:

a.  SAST (Software Application Security Testing)

b.  SCA (Software Component Analysis)

Components in use
Requirements for use

c.  SCA (Software Component Analysis)

d.  DAST (Software Application Security Testing)

e.  Load Testing

f.  Penetration Testing

g.  Social Engineering Testing

h.  Incident Response Testing

Benefits of SSDLC & Security Testing

Adopting an SSDLC and security assessment services provide a number of benefits, including:
● Identification and mitigation of security vulnerabilities
● Improved software security
● Improved customer trust and confidence
● Increased alignment with industry standards and regulations
● Better protection of sensitive data and intellectual property
● Reduced risk of security incidents and breaches

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